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Miscellaneous Photos
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Fred Deeley 6/67 with wife Diane (Dryden) Deeley 6/68

Skip Moyer (6/61) & Stan Marks (6/62) taken 6/18/07 during Stan's visit to sunny California.

Barbara (Williamson) Nacci (6/64) with my son Gary on his Wedding Day 1994

John Moros 6/79

Senior Master Sergeant B. Edward Tyler (right) Lincoln (6/53) at Pentagon retirement 4/30/73

Marge (Hufman) Griffith (6/55), Trudy Hufman (6/57)

Dee Boudwin (1/62) front row left and clan

Ed Martz (6/62) and wife India. 21st anniversary at St. Martin.

Gerry Frimmel (1/62)

Joe Devlin (6/76)

Peter Rowe (1957) with wife Grace

Homer (Skip) Moyer (6/61) with  daughter Deborah at 2005 wedding

Lee Dubeck (6/61) with Wife Judy and daughter Merritt

Mark Carroll (6/88) and Wife Terry            (St. Huberts 6/88)

Chris Ruhl (6/78) and Rita Hofner (6/78)
Another old friendship rekindled.

Joe Bussmann (1/62) and Lois Bowman (1/62) An old friendship rekindled.

John Lepone (1/62) and his wife Cynthia

Donald Hadfield (6/78) his wife Laura and his children Donny, Alyssa and Callie

Judy (Steinbach) Buschmeier (6/57) with hubby Tom Buschmeier (6/61) on a 2005 cruise

Madeleine Long & Mary Ann Scheuhing. Mary Ann graduated in 6/64 and passed away in 2004. Mady and Mary Ann were very close friends for 35 years.
Good friends are hard to find!

Shirley Neff 1/52 with sons Jess 6/79 & Darius 6/73. Shirl's 70th Birthday photo

Walt Rudder 6/61 & Grand Daughter Paige
Lois Bowman 1/62 & Joe Bussmann 1/62

Marcia (Lampert) Kam 6/65 & daughter Heather, husband Chris
Ken Jones (Fkd), Ardith Potter 6/53, Dave Wooden 6/55, Ann Grow 57, Dottie Whittle 1/55, Myrna Fulvio 1/55, Bill Schneider 6/51

Winter Garden, NY 12/4/03
Joan Lewis 6/54, Myrna Fulvio, Peg Kohl, Jane Klein all 1/55

Shirley Neff 1/52 & Tug McGraw June 2, 1986
Natalie & Danny Engaged
Natalie is Nancy Schaible's (6/58) Daughter

Arlene Buch & Roy Alampi Prom January 1962
Jean Bates & Walt Horn Prom June 1966

Dee Boudwin & Tom Cope 1/62
Diane Boudwin & Tom Cope Prom January 1962
Judy Snellbaker & Lee Dubeck Prom June 1961

Marge Schoeninger, Kathy Holtzer, Carol McGonigal, Janney Foulds, Marcie Rawson, Dee Herman, Barbara Bates June 1961

Diane Boudwin & Tom Cope January 1962 Drexel University Military Ball

Jean Bates June 66 with grandchildren Dan & Pat

Carole Herzog June 61 (2nd from left)& Friends
Diane Boudwin & Tom Cope Latin Casino January 1962

Marcie Rawson 6/61
June 61 Graduate Marcie Rawson & Son Derek
June 67 Graduate Donna Fargnoli & Steve Portner - Prom

June 67 Graduate Donna Fargnoli & Daughters
January 62 Graduate Harry Bullard & Wife Charmaine

June 58 Graduate Ginnie Gebhardt (front left) - & Family
June 82 Graduates Dave Jackson & Michele Narcavage

Joe Raymond 6/65
June 61 Graduate Marcie (Rawson) Hannan & Husband Jack
Joe Raymond June 65 with daughters Allison (l) and Lindsay (r)

Herb Dawson 6/61 & Family
Herb Dawson June 61 & Family
The Chapin Sisters - Carol June 69, Barbara June 64, Peggy June 60

Sandy Serkin June 65 - her daughter and friend seemingly jumping off a cliff, just an illusion. Sandy says you can see neighboring islands and Canada in this photo.

Stan & Pat Marks First Date 4/18/78
Stan is a June 1962 Graduate
Stan & Pat October 2000

The Entire Marks Family At Sanibel Island
Linda Lord and Herb Dawson

Lois Bowman's oldest daughter Suzanne and grand daughter Devon
Lois Bowman's grand daughter Haley

Laura Miller 6/61
Lois Bowman 1/62, Husband Peter and Granddaughters Devon and Haley

Steven Lenherr 6/83
Steven Lenherr 6/83, wife Kim and three children Andrew, Jeff and baby Lauren
Peggy Chapin's 6/60 Granddaughters Alanna & Lauren

Betty Kennedy 1/60
Betty Kennedy 1/60 - Her Mom's 90th birthday and Betty's daughter Andrea
Betty Kennedy 1/60 and husband Jerry
Lee Dubeck & wife Judy
Lee Dubeck 1/61 & wife Judy departing for their honeymoon
2nd from left Lee Dubeck 1/61 & wife Judy 3rd from left
Nancy Schaible 6/58 & Daughter Natalie. Receiving Masters of Arts Degree from  San Diego State University
John Emery 6/55 & wife Pattie
Oct 2002
John Emery 6/55 his yacht on the Delaware River
John Emery 6/55 his yacht on the Delaware River
Marc D'Ambrosio 6/77 & Family
Joe Bussmann 1/62 Daughter Amy & Son Joe Jr.
Joe Williamson 1/59, Wife Carol and Grand Daughter Jessica
Marge Shearer 6/61
Her Grandson Cole
Eileen Wayne 6/62
Michele Singer 6/69
Eileen Wayne 6/62
Myrna (Fulvio) Schneider 1/55 with husband Bill who is a 6/51 grad
1/55 grads Kass (Salema) Fife, Peg (Kohl) Evans, Jane (Kline) Singer, Myrna (Fulvio) Schneider
World Trade Center 9/95
Greg Denny 1/60, Daughter Anna & Wife Begona
L to R: Jane Klein Singer, Joan Watson Schock, Mary Lou Hamilton Leitch, Dottie Whittle Goldsmith, Kass Salema Fife.
Class of January 1955
L to R: Myrna Fulvio Schneider, Joan Watson Schock, Mary Lou Hamilton Leitch, Dottie Whittle Goldsmith, Kass Salema Fife.
Class of January 1955
Sandy Serkin 6/65
Arlene Buch 1/62
Arlene (Buch) Houghton 1/62 & Husband Bill
Oregon 2003
Karol (Cheesman) Thompson 6/76
Lynne Georgia Barry 6/58 & E. Wayne Reinas of Frankford High Submitted by Daughter               Laura Reinas 6/79
State champion 1967 gym team 1988 reunion.
Victor Felicioni, Chuck Harms, Greg Lockley, Barry Carter
George Aschendorf (behind), John Vavra (in front)
Stan Slotter
John Davidson, Jon Jones, Harry Bullard, John Passaretti
Christmas Eve 1960

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