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Lincoln High 50th Reunion
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Community RoomGymnasium

ClassroomTraffic Light In Hallway


                                                                                                                                                Stan Marks 6/62 & Ed Martz 6/62

                                   Betty Kennedy 1/60 & Stan Marks                                                         India Martz & Hubby Ed

             (back) Stan Marks, Jean Bates 6/66, Ed Martz                                   Ed explaining to India how study hall was his toughest subject
                   (front) Dottie Schmidt 6/61, Donna Fargnoli 6/67
The RampsThe Ramps


                  Denise Palermo 6/65, Donna Fargnoli 6/67, Linda Humes 6/66                                     Marcie Rawson 6/61

                                                 The Raddison Ballroom                                                                               Betty, Ed & India

                                                         Stan & Betty                                                                                        Betty, Stan, Ed & India

The Lobby

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